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About Me


I'm a good listener, a natural storyteller, and I pride myself on being able to distill complex ideas into simple, engaging, and impactful messages.

Back in the summer of 2011, I launched an ecommerce business. I cut my copywriting teeth on product descriptions and web copy, learning first-hand how the right words on a page could make or break an online business.

In 2013, I began helping other people attract leads, drive sales, and delight their customers with potent sales copy and quality content.

I’ve had the opportunity to write for some top brands and work alongside some talented and accomplished professionals.

If you're looking for a friendly, passionate, and dedicated copywriter who will bring your brand to life with compelling and captivating copy, I'm here to help. 

Things I'm good at:

  • Regularly showing up to things I’m supposed to be at – I’ve never missed a deadline.

  • Researching topics and finding unique angles and statistics for content.

  • Storytelling – I studied screenwriting and journalism at Falmouth University.

  • Writing compelling and persuasive copy.

  • Editing – Once the first draft is in the bag, I slice and polish until your content is a diamond that's ready for your inbox. 

  • Using my shinbones to locate sharp-edged furniture in darkened rooms.

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